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KIDStory LogoKIDStory relies on Jesus’ method of teaching through telling stories combined with interactive experiences and meaningful discussions. The skills are fun to learn, use, and share with others. This makes the multiplying effect of the KIDStory strategy all the more powerful and is the reason we partner locally and globally.

But telling God’s story is not enough…it is also about listening. Listening to the Spirit and listening to a child reveal how the Spirit is stirring their heart.

The methods used to tell and retell God’s story are coupled with interactive questions that allow the Holy Spirit to take hold of what the children have heard and learned so that it becomes a self-discovery process, bringing about life change. The questions asked by leaders are not just for retention, but for transformation of the heart and mind, leading to real life application in childhood

The Deaf Will Hear…

After attending an international KIDStory workshop in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one local children’s pastor learned a profound lesson about the power of God’s story. Using his new skills he described the moment when Jesus invited Peter to join Him on the water. When he finished, this leader asked if any of the children could retell the story…

Only one hand went up; a 10 year-old boy who was born both deaf and mute. Having seen the pastor tell the story with a simple cloth prop, he perfectly “retold” it to the amazement of the entire class.

He did not need ears to hear God speaking to him. The invitation to believe, risk, and draw near were too much for any limitation.

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Basic workshops are offered throughout the United States , as well as internationally. At these workshops every participant can expect to learn:

  • KIDStory teaching skills that bring the Bible stories to life
  • Fun, interactive ways to hear, learn and retell God’s Word to include: games, music, storyboards, art & drama
  • Proven ways to facilitate discussions that allow children the chance to personalize how the Holy Spirit is speaking to their heart
  • How KIDStory can be used by anyone, anywhere and for things like: family devotions, leadership & discipleship training, short term missions, VBS and more!

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