Meet Our President

“If we only became a playground company, we would be distributors. If we only just packaged food, we’d become a grocery store. Our goal though, is we want kids to come to know Jesus.”

Jim Rosene, President

With the commitment to reach children worldwide for Jesus, Jim Rosene has been the President of Kids Around the World, a faith-based, non-profit mission organization, since it was founded in 1994. Before this, Jim was an elementary school teacher for 4 years and then the Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministries at First Evangelical Free Church in Rockford, IL from 1980 – 2000.

For Jim Rosene, making children smile has always been a full-time job. He says, “Being able to give kids something like this is great. These children, because of poor economic conditions, disasters, or war conflicts, can’t experience the joy of childhood. But when we see them come onto a brand-new playground – well, that’s an amazing feeling.” In an interview about his first project in Kiev in 1994 after the fall of communism, Jim spoke about the moment play became a tool for God’s word: “…it was really after that playground was finished and we saw the smiles, we saw the happiness, we saw the joy on the faces of children, we thought what if we could use this playground to share the gospel of Jesus?” A bright and talented person, he has a unique love and respect for children. In his days teaching and as a children’s pastor, he never patronized or just entertained kids. Jim has the unique ability to communicate “grown-up” ideas and truths in a manner that kids understand and can apply to their lives, and has used this gift throughout his work with Kids Around the World.

Jim and his wife, Denise, live in Rockford, IL while their son Jeff lives in Southern California and their daughter Jenny lives in Minneapolis.